Aztec Welding Services offers polyethylene pipe welding for the chemical, mining, industrial and commercial industries. Pipe fusion butt welding requires the heating of two pipe ends to a fusion temperature between 390 to 460 degrees Fahrenheit, and then subsequently joining both heated ends by applying a force with the use of a hydraulic carriage assembly or manual lever


On Site and Field HDPE Fusion Welding

A properly joined butt weld requires the appropriate combination of heating time, pressure time, and fusion temperature.

The joining process is clean because it does not require the use of welding consumables.  This means similar material properties are being joined without any added variable in chemical makeup.

The qualifying joint of HDPE is based on the experience and qualification of the fusion welder.  Aztec Welding Services has highly qualified bonding fusion welders, with years of experience in mining and process fusion welding.

Poly Pipe Butt Welding - Aztec Welding Services LLC
Poly Fusion Welding - Aztec Welding Services


Fusion welding requires examination and test of each PE pipe fusion weld. This examination requires pressure testing and visual examination of the fusion welds for any potential defects or discontinuities.

Polyethylene Piping installation and fusion - Aztec Welding Services LLC

Pipe Fusion Welding and Extrusion Welding – In House and On Site

Qualification of operators require a pressure test and cross section examination of fused joints to certify competency in the process of fusion welding.  These qualification tests are part of Aztec’s commitment to quality for all client projects.

In order to ensure a quality long lasting pipe fusion joint; Aztec Welding Services actively accounts for pipe surface preparation, material properties, removal of any potential contaminants, temperature control and monitoring, calibration of machines, pressure to the joint, and hold time.  The pressure rating will be certified to the lowest fitting or pipe rating in the system.

Aztec Welding Services offers polyethylene extrusion welding.  Extrusion welding is the process of pushing poly fusion filler material through a heating element head to joint similar parent material with the filler material.  The filler material is similar in physical and chemical properties

Spooled up Poly Pipe

Removal of Internal Poly Fusion Bead

There are a number of reasons to consider removal of the internal bead on butt fusion joints.

  • Reduction of turbulence: With consideration to potential abrasives in the piping system during operation, the pipe joints can prematurely wear away. This turbulence speeds the process of thinning out the pipe wall and surrounding joint area.
  • Potential Blockage: Sediments and fluid material can build up in the area of internal joint beads. This creates an environment for larger process material to become caught up in the system causing blockage in the flow process.
  • Flow Restriction: During maintenance operations like pigging. The process will become much more time consuming if the pigs get caught in the fusion joints.
  • Bacteria Growth and Entrapment: In cooling tower water systems and silicon systems running de-ionized water, the potential for trapping bacteria and having organic growth in the system can prove to be problematic in the process.