With excellent fabrication and installation on-site within the D1.1 structural code, Aztec Welding Services has you covered. The Aztec team has the skilled team members needed to provide high quality steel fabrication and structural steel weldments. With zero OSHA or MSHA recordables, you’ll notice the on-site experience and safety culture. We’ve had a history of performing work in refineries, mining process plants, tank farms, power plants, chemical facilities, process facilities, waste water treatment and water treatment plants.


On-site or In Field Structural Steel Welding and Steel Fabrication

With Aztec Welding on a client’s property, we’re on high alert for daily ongoing operations and potential safety issues.

Each member of Aztec’s structural welding team has safety meetings before the start of each shift.  It is during these safety meetings that we discuss proper PPE for the work being performed and potential safety hazards that may arise in the environment.  All of Aztec Welding Services’ employees are required to fill out the proper JSA/JHA to certify they understand what hazards may be in their work area.  PPE is understood to be the last line of defense in hazardous situations.  We strive to mitigate the hazards before the start of any work.  Just like being in our shop or at home, safety is the top priority.  We strive to make sure everyone goes home the way they showed up for duty.  Stop work authority is given to every employee.

Welding SMAW on-site welding welding of Structural Steel
GMAW welding in shop for aztec welding services


Aztec has a history of precision field measurements for onsite or field structural welding. Our skilled craftsman have quality on their minds 24-7.

SMAW Welding on Structural Members

Structural Steel Welding In House Weldments and Manufacturing

With an entire facility of fabrication equipment, Aztec Welding Services is ready to handle any shop welding and structural steel project.  Our crew of highly skilled D1.1 certified welders and fitters will produce some of the most top quality fabrication weldments.  We’re all about trying to save your organization money.  Let us prefab your structural welding and assemblies in house.  The automated equipment available for our projects will save you time and money.  Each item will be carefully packaged and shipped to your project site with the same quality as it left our shop.  We have available all quality control documentation needed to satisfy the requirements of all code related project specifications.

Structural Welding and Maintenance Aztec Welding Services LLC

In-house Structural Steel Fabrication Equipment

Aztec is very versatile when it comes to handling steel plate fabrication for all commercial or industrial applications and equipment.  With precision machining, we utilize industrial CNC technology to speed up the process of plate fabrications.  Oxy-Acetylene torches, grinders, plasma torches, bandsaws, welding machines and sanders are just a few of the equipment types we use on a regular basis.  Whether the work your looking to have performed falls under American Welding Society or any other structural code, we’ll be ready when needed to help with your project.  Call us today to schedule your fabrication and code welding project.